Wheel Loaders

992 Wheel Loader

Net Power

814 HP

Operating Weight

233430 lb

Bucket Capacities

11.5-24.5 m³ (15-32 yd³)

The Cat® 992 Large Wheel Loader has set the standard in its size class for more than 50 years, delivering industry-leading productivity, unparalleled reliability and long life. Today’s 992 raises the bar. Compared to the 992K, the new 992 is up to 48% more efficient and 32% more productive, thanks to higher payload for improved pass match, increases in rimpull and breakout force, and an optimized linkage design. Extended component replacement intervals plus increased filter and turbo life help reduce maintenance costs. These improvements — and many more — combine to provide significant savings over the life of the machine for the lowest owning and operating costs in the industry. With both standard and high-lift configurations, the 992 offers the ideal pass match for fleets of Cat 775, 777 and 785 trucks.

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