Rotary Drills

MD6200 Rotary Blasthole Drill Specifications

Pull-Down Capacity

Up to 15 876 kg (Up to 35,000 lb)

Hole Diameter

140-200 mm (5.5-7.87 in)


Cat© C18

The Cat® MD6200 has the smallest shipping envelope of any drill in its class. It can be transported over the road with the mast on, so it can simply roll onto a truck when it’s time to move to another site. Additionally, its compact working envelope allows it to get it into position faster, reducing the time spent accessing drill patterns and moving between holes. Its oversized Cat 336 excavator-style undercarriage provides best-in-class tractive effort and drawbar pull and stands up to the toughest conditions on your site. Designed to drill holes from 127-200 mm (5.0-7.87 in) in diameter, the MD6200 is is optimized for single-pass or multi-pass drilling in both rotary and down-the-hole drilling modes.

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