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We have solutions designed specifically to meet your needs. Because we know how much it means to you, protect your investment with the experts. Hire maintenance services for your equipment and enjoy the confidence of a good job.

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  • Do you know that the average maintenance time of a generator will depend on the hours of use? Whenever Caterpillar oil is used, it is recommended that it be changed once a year or every 250 hours of use.
  • It is important to carry out this maintenance since the equipment has preventive care that allows minimizing the risks of a major failure in any eventuality.
  • The consequences of not performing the maintenance could vary from the simplest to the most complicated and that is:
    • Oil and filters eventually lose their function, especially if your generator is not in constant use.
    • An oil with many hours of use loses its viscosity and this increases the probability of a high rupture.
  • Although most of the damages or failures can be fixed, timely maintenance according to the hours of use avoids high repair costs and the equipment being out of use

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Why should you do preventive maintenance with Rimco Cat?

  • We use genuine Cat parts
  • Our maintenance is performed by certified technicians
  • We schedule and perform maintenance within the recommended timeframe
  • We have digitalized reports and store your maintenance history
  • We dispose of used oil
  • 24/7 monitoring opportunity
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Maintenance options for electric generators (CVA)

  • Standard: 2 visits per year including semi-annual inspection, fluid sample, and oil and filter change at the recommended interval.
  • Advanced: 4 visits per year including quarterly inspection, fluid sample, and oil and filter change at the recommended interval.
  • Premium: 12 visits per year including monthly inspections, fluid sampling, and oil and filter changes at the recommended interval.
  • DIY: For experienced customers who wish to perform their maintenance, we offer Preventive Maintenance Kits that can include filters, oil, oil sample bottle, and necessary wear parts.

Why is it important to perform a fluid sample on your generator?

Fluid samples can be used to determine the condition of your generator. These samples are sent to Caterpillar laboratories for evaluation and testing. Caterpillar’s laboratory identifies with these samples if the fluids have metal particles, viscosity, water, or sediment where they can

These samples can alert us if there is a component in wear if there is a failure if we need to monitor a condition or simply indicate that the equipment is in good condition.

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