Rimco has highly trained technicians on our entire product line.

Repair Center Services

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Inspection, Diagnostics and Repair

Our clients are extremely important to us and that is why we have the best-trained personnel to attend to your fault diagnosis and repair needs, providing the support that our products require.

This level of quality is possible thanks to the constant training of our employees and the use of first-rate technology. Within our facilities, our staff works under the “Contamination Control” program, which allows you to have contaminant-free components in your equipment, resulting in longer useful life, and reduced operating costs.

Certified Rebuilds

We rebuild your Cat® equipment for a cost-effective second life.

A Cat machine is the best productivity investment you can make, and one way to take advantage of it is through a Cat Certified Rebuild. While most competitive models require replacement, Cat equipment can be rebuilt.


Rimco Cat offers 2 rebuild programs:

Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR)

Rebuild the entire machine, including the power train. Completion of this rebuild results in performance as if the machine were new.


  • Allows full utilization of the second life of the machine.
  • 50-60% of the price of new machine.
  • New serial number
  • Maximum productivity.
  • High resale value.
  • Extended coverage option.
  • Financing through Cat Financial.
  • Savings on repairs and maintenance.

Certified Powertrain (CPT)

Complete power train rebuild like new, covers radiator, engine, transmission, converter, final drive and axle; in addition to the components.


  • Allows full utilization of the second life of the machine.
  • 37-42% of the price of new machine.
  • Maximum productivity.
  • High resale value.
  • Extended coverage option.
  • Financing through Cat Financial.
  • Savings on repairs and maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is synonymous with maximum productivity for your machine and its components. Preventive maintenance consists of replacing items that wear out quickly and will prevent any unexpected failure or defect. This will save you repair costs and optimize the performance of your machine, avoiding unforeseen stoppages for a long time. 

Preventive Maintenance Policy

This is an agreement through which we will take care of the preventive maintenance of your equipment, so that they are in the best conditions to perform the assigned work. Maintenance is performed by trained technicians, original spare parts, and based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The policies are designed to adapt to your needs, meaning that you can purchase personalized packages of maintenance services.


Chassis Rebuild

In our Chassis Workshop, we have specialized equipment and technicians for changing casings, sealing, and turning pins and bushings.

When you buy a CAT Chassis System, you’ll get the support of our parts and service representatives, who have the tools to help you manage it properly.

Contact us if you need more information on this service.

Field Services

Rimco will accompany you to the same place where your operations are carried out, offering field service at the island level to attend to your technical support needs, when you need it.

Our company provides field service with the highest industry standards. For this purpose, it has highly trained technical personnel to carry out the procedures and work recommended by the manufacturer, as well as the latest technology tools.


Field services include:

For your convenience, our field technicians will come directly to your facilities, project or home to provide inspection, diagnosis or preventive maintenance services to your machine or generator. 

Rimco has an extensive fleet of 70 service vehicles equipped with all the necessary tools to complete the servicing you need. They also have the latest in electronic failure analysis systems to clear up any of your concerns.  

Our technicians are specialized in heavy and agricultural equipment, power systems, gas engines and marine engines. Some of the services that our technicians can perform in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Barbados and the British Virgin Islands are: 

  • Machine and Component Repairs
  • Hydraulic cylinder and rod repairs 
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Repairs 
  • Generator Service

Power System Services

servicio sistemas energia

When constant testing and servicing of generators is done, it allows us to detect degradation and deterioration in performance. This will help us predict winding failures and be proactive rather than waiting for a failure to occur in the field. 

These services are:

Valve Adjustments

Valves can slip out of their original spaces, but when we perform regular inspection and maintenance, we can prevent your valves from leaking or sticking. Our expert technicians always refer to the original manufacturer or customer specifications and guidelines to restore your valve’s performance to optimum condition.

Full System Maintenance

Maintenance of fuel filter systems is important due to dirt and debris that can enter the tank and fuel system. This is especially common if you fill your power generators with fuel from containers in the field, where cleanliness is difficult to guarantee. Depending on the specific characteristics of your equipment and type of fuel, we suggest the service that addresses your specific requirements.

Additional Fluid Analysis

Depending on the type of fluids in your power systems, the environment and the conditions in which they are used, we can also perform additional fluid analysis. This may include oil, coolant and/or fuel. We suggest which fluids require analysis, we will detail the frequencies and we will explain the purpose and advantages of fluid analysis. We will discuss how it relates to the reliability and longevity of your power system equipment.

Transfer Switch Inspection

Regular inspection and cleaning of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) is important. Designed to act automatically, your ATS should be checked for accurate time delays, voltage drop across charging contacts and a reliable indicator lamp and LED function. Our trained technicians will also inspect for hot spots and busbar connection issues that could mean service or replacement is necessary. Our ATS service covers these important points:

    • We have an understanding of the complete structure of the electrical system from the entrance to the building, including the backup generator, switchgear, ATS, UPS, including maintenance wraps, and PDU or load distribution.
    • We follow NFPA safety standards- We use the best tools and supplies, including insulated hand tools, Hepa vacuums, and recommended manufacturing maintenance supplies. We use digital multimeters and maintain and calibrate all technical gauges annually.

Customer Value Agreements (CVA)

el que sabe sabe

When you know, you know.

We have solutions designed specifically to meet your needs. Because we know how much it means to you, protect your investment with the experts. Get maintenance services for your equipment and enjoy the confidence of a good job.

Why should you service your generator or heavy equipment with RIMCO?

  • We have been in the market for over 40 years.
  • We use only genuine Cat parts.
  • Our maintenance is performed by specialized technicians.
  • We take care of scheduling and performing maintenance at the recommended interval.
  • We have digitized reports and we save your maintenance history.

  • We have used oil available.
  • 24/7 monitoring opportunity.
  • The cost of the maintenance program can be included with the purchase of your generator or heavy equipment.
mantenimiento a tu generador
mantenimiento generadores electricos

Electric Generator Maintenance Options

  • Standard: 2 visits per year including semi-annual inspection, fluid sample and oil and filter change at recommended interval
  • Advanced:  4 visits per year including quarterly inspection, fluid sample and oil and filter change at recommended interval
  • Premium: 12 visits per year including monthly inspections, fluid sampling and oil and filter change at recommended interval
  • DIY: For experienced customers who want to do their own maintenance, we offer Preventive Maintenance Kits that can include filters, oil, an oil sample bottle and necessary wear parts.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Options

Proactive planning of maintenance based on the hours of use of the equipment and as recommended in the operation and maintenance manual OMM (Operation & Maintenance Manual).

  • Standard: Plan for 1 year or 1,000 hours (whichever comes first)
  • Advanced: Plan for 2 years or 2,000 hours
  • Premium: Plan for 3 years or 3,000 hours
  • DIY: For experienced customers who want to do their own maintenance, we offer Preventive Maintenance Kits that can include filters, oil, an oil sample bottle and necessary wear parts.  

*Parts and fluids vary by OMM

CVA 1200x678 1
muestra de fluidos

Why the importance of performing fluid samples to generators and heavy equipment?

With the fluid samples you can determine the state or condition of your generator or heavy equipment. These samples are sent to Caterpillar laboratories where they have processed more than 26 million samples. This leads them to have unsurpassed experience and an extraordinary data bank.  The Caterpillar laboratory identifies with these samples if the fluids have metal particles, viscosity, water or sediments where they can alert us if there is any component in wear, any failure, if we should monitor any condition or simply indicates that the equipment is in good condition.

Mantenimiento Preventivo


Schedule Oil Sample (SOS)

En nuestro laboratorio de análisis de fluidos S.O.S contamos con técnicos de laboratorio certificados por Caterpillar. Estos realizan las pruebas a fluidos que se han tomado de los equipos a intervalos regulares y realizan un análisis sofisticado para detectar tendencias y comparar los niveles de partículas de diferentes metales encontrados en las muestras y las características de los lubricantes contra los estándares Caterpillar.

Como resultado te proporcionamos reportes claros y concisos, interpretando los resultados y dando recomendaciones oportunas. También estamos a tu disposición para responder tus preguntas y discutir los detalles específicos del reporte, contáctanos.

Análisis de Aceite

El análisis de aceite S.O.S es un seguro bueno y razonable contra reparaciones mayores y prevención de paros inesperados. Con una muestra de aceite, podremos identificar factores de riesgo y ahorrar cantidades razonables en los presupuestos de mantenimiento.

Análisis de Desgaste de Metales: Esta prueba tiene como objetivo vigilar y evaluar el desgaste de los componentes de un compartimento lubricado.

Análisis de Contaminación: La presencia de agua, combustible, o glicol en el aceite es una advertencia de problemas que pueden requerir una corrección inmediata.

Análisis de Limpieza del Aceite: Se efectúa un conteo de partículas: Polvo, restos de soldadura, óxido, restos de pintura y más contaminantes que pueden ensuciar el aceite.


Análisis de Viscosidad: El agua, la oxidación, hollín y anticongelante causan un aumento de viscosidad en el aceite. La alta cantidad de estos y las temperaturas extremas reducen la vida útil del aceite.

Análisis Infrarrojo: En la prueba se examinan los factores que reducen la capacidad del aceite para enfriar, lubricar y limpiar.

Análisis TBN: Este análisis busca monitorear la propiedad TBN que neutraliza el azufre contenido en el combustible para retardar daños corrosivos en el motor.

Análisis TAN: Detecta oportunamente excesos de acidez que puedan ocasionar fallas en los rodamientos y excesivos desgastes en muchos componentes del sistema.

Análisis Exacto de Agua en el Aceite: El análisis HydroSCOUT, es la única prueba de sitio para cuantificar el % de agua disuelto en el aceite usado.


Programa de Mantenimiento (CVA)

Los acuerdos de valor para el cliente (CVA) de Cat son planes sencillos que se adaptan a las necesidades de tu negocio para extender la vida útil del equipo y maximizar tu inversión. Cualquiera que sea tu industria, sea cual sea tu producto Cat, mantenerlo en excelentes condiciones significa más producción y menores costos.

¿Que incluye CVA?

Cada CVA ofrece diferentes elementos según la industria y el producto Cat. Pero para cualquier CVA, puede esperar estas cuatro áreas de valor de propiedad.


Propietario sin estrés

Los CVA combinan el asesoramiento del distribuidor, la fácil adquisición de piezas y las opciones de condiciones de pago flexibles.

Mantenimiento libre de problemas

La entrega de las piezas originales Cat correctas en el lugar correcto en el momento adecuado facilita la realización del mantenimiento. Las opciones de servicio son flexibles para satisfacer sus necesidades.

Constante apoyo de expertos

Los CVA Cat son planes personalizados que ofrecen solución de problemas, diagnósticos y reparaciones con piezas originales Cat. Si necesitas asistencia de un técnico capacitado, ¡también hay opciones para eso!

Gestiones sin complicaciones

Obtienes fácil acceso a las herramientas de monitoreo con un Cat CVA. Las herramientas digitales le brindan la capacidad de acceder a parámetros operativos importantes para tu negocio en cualquier lugar donde tenga una conexión a Internet.

Manage Your Equipment

Connectivity Hype3 1080x1080

Monitoring your computer will allow you to correct problems before you even realize they are a problem. We’re ready and equipped to give you the support and technology you need to easily manage your equipment to deliver maximum value at the lowest possible operating cost.

Product Link

Cat Product Link redefines the effectiveness of fleet management. Its easy-to-use interface, called Vision Link, allows for customized status and utilization reports, plus charting and mixed-fleet capabilities. Product Link transmits information via cellular and satellite. Connect customers with our world-class dealer network, get accurate, timely and useful information about the location, use and condition of the equipment; the kind of information that can make a big difference in the efficiency and costs of your entire operation.


Vision Link

Vision Link makes it easy to manage your equipments, on your schedule. Whenever you’re online, wherever you are, you can access information and take action to keep your costs low and your uptime high.

Simply log in to Vision Link on your computer or tablet to track machine hours, location, usage and fuel usage. You can also shop for parts, request service, set maintenance and health alerts, create and share tasks, find more details about your assets and connect with the Rimco Cat dealer.

All your data in one place

Vision Link is the only place to access all of your equipment information with a single login. No more searching for paper records or documents; Now everything from operation and maintenance manuals to warranties and safety service letters are easily accessible online. When you’re ready to sell equipment, you can download a complete work order and servicing history for a higher resale price.

Simple Maintenance

  1. Vision Link has an easy-to-use maintenance tool that shows you what tasks are overdue, upcoming and completed, so you can keep service on schedule and your machines running at peak performance. It’s easy to take action on maintenance while you’re online. For each task, you have the option to:
    • View a planned maintenance checklist.
    • A list of parts needed for the job.

Understand the Status of your Equipment

You’ll also find all of your S • O • S ServicesTM fluid analysis results and Cat® Inspect reports on My.Cat.Com. Reviewing that information will help you identify problems before they become failures. It’s also easy to run usage and benchmarking reports to compare the performance of different machines or workplaces. You can use the results to make fact-based adjustments to your fleet or operations.

Getting Started is Easy

If you are not already registered, go to Vision Link, and enter the basic information of your company and equipment. As soon as the Digital Team in Rimco Cat verifies your account, you can access your details and start managing your equipment your way.


Cat App

The answers you need, right on your mobile device

Wherever you use your smartphone, on the jobsite, in your parked vehicle, even on your machine, you can use the Cat app. An add-on to My.Cat.Com, this equipment management tool makes it easy to keep track of your equipment, giving you real-time access to data and actionable insights.

Connect anywhere

With the Cat app, answers to common questions are only as far away as your phone, and you can complete daily tasks without turning on your computer or going back to the office. No need to sift through large amounts of data. Simply use the app while on site, at home, or in transit from job to job to:

  • Track hours, location, fuel and utilization
  • Monitor machine status
  • Stay on top of maintenance
  • Request parts and request service
  • Activate Product Link devices 
  • Enable secure boot


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RIMCO Line of Credit

RIMCO has the ability to extend credit to qualifying customers for the purchase of parts or to cover their servicing or rental needs. Contact us for more information.

CAT Financial

Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation offers numerous financing options to help you meet your financial and equipment purchase goals. They provide flexible and creative financing programs that can be tailored to find the right financing solution for your business needs.

Local Banks

Rimco will help you carry out all the necessary procedures and make the process more bearable if you decide to finance your purchase with any of the island’s banks or finance companies.

Rent-to-Own RPO

Acquire the equipment you need through a short-term leasing agreement (1 to 12 months), with the option to buy at the end of the term. This method offers the customer the opportunity to build capital through monthly payments and provides time to assess the suitability of the equipment and the intended benefits of ownership.

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