Cat Portable Gasoline Generators

Be prepared for eventualities that may occur with a Cat Gasoline generator!

Whether it’s a hurricane, power outage, or any other eventuality beyond our control, the Cat gasoline generator will be your ally. Recognized for their long life, warranty and the excellent benefits that come with these generators.

Cat Inverter Generator INV2250

  • Ideal for apartments.
  • Duration of up to 6 hours uninterrupted using 50% of its capacity.
  • Super silent.
  • Easy to start and maintain.
  • Its motor is EPA certified to last 20% longer than the competition.
  • 120V@ 60Hz plugs.
  • Up to 3-year warranty.
  • Price: $849. SUT is not included.

Cat RP5500 Generator

  • Reliable power when you need it at home, work, and recreation.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
    Enhanced safety features such as automatic low oil shutdown, covered wiring, and additional GFCI protection.
  • Up to 15 hours of uninterrupted run time at 50% capacity.
  • Super quiet.
  • Easy to start and maintain.
  • 120V / 240V @ 60Hz plugs.
  • Up to 3 years warranty.
  • Price: $675. IVU is not included.